Innovation in practice

Innovation is our drive and we propagate that together.


Continual attention to innovation is crucial to Artex. Innovation means more than just technical improvement.

Innovation can also take place in management and marketing. Artex has the drive to innovate in every area: with people, products and knowledge. Innovation is the backbone of our company.

A few examples:

Digital printing: the use of sustainable techniques to produce fantastic prints

The use of digital printing techniques has led to a concept in which we have virtually no stocks or production waste. We only print what customers order. This technique also enables us to add special effects to a wide range of patterns and designs. Using a simple visualisation tool, customers can see what they order via our website. To be inspired, go to

Facette®: a patented fabric with which light can be regulated

The fabric used in Facette® is a double-weave with which light can be regulated.

Artex also works on a number of cradle-to-cradle products, presents loyalty programmes for dealers, shares knowledge via workshops and also uses De Ploeg® upholstery fabrics on footstools, cushions and rugs. For more information about footstools, cushions and rugs, go to