Artex supplies a broad assortment of fabric components.



Artex leads the way in the field of development, production, collection and marketing of innovative and high-quality interior fabrics. Artex curtain and furniture fabrics from the brands Artelux, De Ploeg, Kendix, Kendix Allure and Loft79 can be found at the better home furnishers, curtain specialist stores, home decoration stores, furniture stores, paint and wallpaper specialist stores, interior architects and well-known furniture manufacturers.

Take a look at the websites of our premium brands for more information or inspiration. This can also be done by visiting the ETC Design Center Europe in Culemborg. A large part of our collection can be admired here.



Artex is part of Dutch manufacturing industry and operates a large number of production processes.

Our factory produces textiles for roller blinds, vertical slats, Roman blinds and pleated blinds for parent company Hunter Douglas. After an extensive design and development phase, our concepts are put into production in our own factory. It forms an essential part of the final product that will ultimately hang in many buildings around the world. More information about the various window covering products from Hunter Douglas can be found on the Hunter Douglas Components website.

Artex is part of the Dutch manufacturing industry and hosts a large number of production processes. In total, Artex produces more than 2,000 different finished articles. Diversity is the key to success. To be able to produce these different items, professional knowledge is necessary and an up-to-date and varied machine park is essential. Thanks to ISO 9001 certification, we are used to working according to established processes and procedures. This guarantees consistent quality and a high level of service. Our ISO 14001 certification also enables us to design and carry out the production process as sustainably and safely as possible.

The variation in the processes requires a lot of expertise from our staff. Traditional textile processes such as weaving, dyeing and printing require specific knowledge. We therefore train our employees on a regular basis, both internally and externally.


Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is a method for making targeted improvements in operating processes; it focuses on reducing waste. Only components that add value for the customer are regarded as useful. “When will I be allowed to join an improvement?” was a question asked by an operator in a performance interview.


High-quality properties

Adding value to our fabrics by using specific raw materials or special finishes is our speciality. This creates fabrics with a specific functionality or property.

Examples of these include:

Our unique Topar® coating that was developed to reflect heat from the sun. This coating also makes fabrics dust and insect proof, easy to clean and dirt-repellent.

This coating is dirt-repellent.

Some of our fabric qualities are certified to flame-retardant class B1 of DIN 4102 and/or M1 NF P-92503

Extensive technical information is available for all our fabrics.

Artex uses its own laboratory and external institutes for testing, for example, sun protection and flame-retardant properties according to European standards.

For some tests, we use external institutes in order to obtain the required certification, for example, certificates that guarantee flame-retardant properties.