Enviroment, Social & Governance


Responsible products

Artex makes products for the home that people can enjoy every day, that are safe and, above all, have been created with attention to people and the environment. These products not only have a smaller ecological footprint, but also reduce the energy consumption of both heating and cooling systems in the rooms where they are installed. When developing our substances, we look critically at the way we do this ourselves, but also at the environmental and social aspects of parties we collaborate with; from raw material to end use.

An Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy has been developed by Hunter Douglas that enables us to continue developing beautiful and sustainable products in the future.

Hunter Douglas’ ESG Strategy defines 7 strategic ambitions, 4 of which address climate and environmental challenges:

Action against climate change

  1. Reduce Hunter Douglas’ carbon footprint
  2. Increase net CO2 savings over the life cycle of our products

Resources and circular economy

  1. Reduce waste in our production process
  2. More recycled content and end-of-life recyclability

Responsible business

  1. Supply chain compliance
  2. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  3. Striving for zero accidents

The choices we make at Artex in the design of our products and the materials we use for them, as well as the partners we work with, are crucial to realizing these ambitions. To make the actions more specific for the various product lines at Artex, concrete step-by-step plans have been drawn up. These indicate in detail how we are working on, among other things, the use of recycled material and increasing recyclability, reusability and repairability by designing the products in such a way that they are in line with these ambitions.